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(b) Magnified image of the local region enclosed by the

The inn receptionist seemed glad to see us. She escorted us through the bar and dining room, then up a steep set of creaky stairs to the second floor. We followed a narrow, uneven, warped floor hallway to the far end. Now find a point on the focal plane. The purpose is to align this point so that the x y coordinate of this point will be the same on both the left and the right picture. For the two pictures in step 1 as example, we can choose the pot as the foreground and as the focal plane, or we can choose the table and chair at the middle ground as the focal plane.

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Maybe it’s because it’s hard enough to struggle for equality without spending all day struggling to figure out the 20 percent tip on your quiche or brie or whatever gay people eat. Or maybe it’s because I’ve seen some big, dumb, gay bashers in my day and I’d like to think all gays had an intellectual advantage over such adversaries. But no.

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