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Travel service in Russia

Many times we read on the Internet as backpackers looking for a variety of information on Russian.

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Lake Baikal, the Trans-Siberian Railway, quite unknown for travellers the Baikal-Amur Railway, the Far East… Russia is too big and there are too many items that you need to know to travel successfuly. It’s difficult if you do not know the Russian language, and have never been here.

You may rely on fate. You may use the stories of colleagues who have traveled here a year ago, too. But times change. It’s best to have relevant information, that you need, fot not to be disappointed later.

Our service is to help you.

We are not businessmen, we are backpacker like you. But we live in Russia, and we know about it a little more than average external backpacker 🙂 Thanks to the immersion in the local flow of information, we have up-to-date information. And if we have not it still, it is easier to find everything we need, because of the knowledge of local languages ​​and infrastructure. We are ready to help you with tips on organizing travel to Russia and some neighboring countries (Mongolia, Kazakhstan, China). It’s free, except when to produce a detailed dossier for your journey will require additional time, long-distance calls or other resource costs.

The basic list of our options:

In Russia

  • Information dossiers for traveling in Russia
  • Invitations (LOI) to obtain a Russian visa;
  • Purchasing tickets on the train, plane, bus in Russia;
  • Transport in the Altai region of Russia to Western Mongolia (Bayan-Ulgiy, Khovd)

In Mongolia

  • Bus tickets from Ulan-Ude (Russia) to Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia):  fastest way to get to the Mongolian capital by land.
  • Information dossiers for traveling in Mongolia
  • Invitations (LOI) for Mongolian visa
  • Reservation of tickets for transport in Mongolia, and from Mongolia to China or Russia.

In Kazakhstan

  • Information dossiers for traveling in Kazakhstan
  • Tickets for the train or bus from Kazakhstan (Astana, Almaty) to Urumqi (China).

If you are planning to travel to Russia — contact us, and it may become easier and more interesting for you.


Special offer — the Urals

We can assist you with travel and tours in the Urals region.manaraga

The Urals are a geographical region located around the Ural Mountains, between the East European and West Siberian plains. It extends approximately from north to south, from the Arctic Ocean to the bend of Ural River near Orsk city. The boundary between Europe and Asia runs along the eastern side of the Ural Mountains. Ural mostly lies within Russia but also includes a part of northwestern Kazakhstan. This is an historical, not an official entity, with the boundaries overlapping its western Volga and eastern Siberia Train in the Ural taiga.neighbor regions. At points in time, parts of the Urals were considered a gateway to Siberia, if not Siberia itself, or were combined with the Volga administrative divisions.

The historical center of the Urals is Cherdyn, nowadays it is the small town in Perm Krai. Perm was an administrative center of the gubernia with the same name by 1797. The most territory of historical and modern Ural was included in Perm gubernia. The administrative center of Urals was moved to Sverdlovsk (nowadays Yekaterinburg) after Revolution and Civil war. Nowadays Ural economic region does not have an administrative and informal capital, whereas Yekaterinburg is administrative center of the Ural Federal District.

pushkaIn local dialects the Ural has long been called as the Stone Belt or just the Stone. Indeed, the Ural Mountains as if encircle the country stretching from the Arctic to the Kazakh steppes. In the history of Russian Urals has always been the residence of powerful people, travelers, explorers, industrialists. Severe nature required them special qualities. The Ural was also a place of mixture of many nationalities, as outsiders and locals.  The land was known as a place of exile and prisons. It is here one of the infamous Gulag camps, today it operates as a museum. Prisoners also have done their share to the establishment of a local character, adding a love of freedom and independence…  For centuries, this region was a major mining and industrial center of Russia, a large area of the defense industry.

We are ready to help you discover this unusual land, from the simple booking of hotels, hostels, to the organization of buses and minibuses, to white water rafting, hunting, fishing, climbing the Ural mountains, visits to caves, рarticipation in traditional festivals and rituals, and so on…

Read more here: Perm, Yekaterinburg.

The Trans-Siberian Railway

The Trans-Siberian Railway is a network of railways connecting Moscow with the Russian Far East and the Sea of Japan. It is the longest railway line in the world. There are connecting branch lines into Mongolia, China and North Korea. It has connected Moscow with Vladivostok since 1916 and is still being expanded.