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For the RecordJennifer Calder: An apologyOn January 25

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Hermes Replica Bags We are happy to make this clear and apologise for any concern caused.Daisy LowePearl Lowe An apologyIn an article published on 25 September 2016 we reported Bronner Handwerger’s comments about his relationship with his former partner Pearl Lowe and her daughter Daisy Lowe and contrasted them with comments made by Pearl Lowe in her 2007 autobiography. In doing so it was not our intention to suggest that Ms Lowe had lied in her book or that she had attempted to blackmail Mr Handwerger. We apologise to Ms Lowe for any such suggestion.For the RecordJennifer Calder: An apologyOn January 25, we published a social media picture of Ms Clements, titled «Provo Princesses» alongside Jennifer Calder. Hermes Replica Bags

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