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LCD module accounts for 70 percent of the production cost of an

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Hermes Kelly Replica The move will help TCL strengthen its core business amid intensifying competition, a TCL spokesman said on Wednesday.A Samsung spokeswoman said on Tuesday that it was Samsung’s first overseas LCD contract manufacturing deal and production was scheduled to start in 2009.Both companies declined to disclose the size of the deal.The plant, in Huizhou city, will have an annual production of 2.33 million units in the first phase. TCL’s LCD TV production capacity will be around 5 to 6 million units in 2008 2009, the TCL spokesman said.LCD module accounts for 70 percent of the production cost of an LCD television.Its net profit surged to 449 million yuan in the first quarter of this year, versus 13.9 million yuan a year earlier.Samsung owns module assembly plants in China and Slovakia.Samsung last Friday reported strong quarterly earnings, with the LCD making display division unit posting better than expected profits. The company announced it would invest in a new LCD panel line in South Korea to satisfy worldwide demand for flat screens. Hermes Kelly Replica

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