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«We try and engage with all shareholders

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cheap celine handbags In terms of the protocols, the PPTP offers faster speed but not as much security. It is compatible for any system. The L2TP offers higher security than the PPTP but uses more bandwidth. An interim dividend of 1 percent of net asset value will be paid, amounting to 38 pence per share, the company said on Thursday, in its results for the six months to March 31, 2015.Electra is planning to return 3 percent of NAV per year to shareholders via cash dividends or share buybacks, following a strategic review that began after activist investor Edward Bramson attempted to introduce sweeping changes to the firm last year.Following Bramson’s failure to shake up the company’s board and implement a raft of proposals, Electra announced moves including cuts to management fees and a stronger focus on cash dividends and share buybacks.Chairman Roger Yates said he met with Bramson in mid April.»We try and engage with all shareholders. We’ve listened to his views and the position hasn’t really changed that much,» Yates told Reuters on a telephone call.Bramson is currently Electra’s largest shareholder through his investment vehicle Sherborne, with a 27.2 percent holding.Electra’s diluted NAV rose by 12 percent to 3 Cheap Celine,548 pence in the period. The Hotter Shoes backer aims for returns in a range of 10 15 percent.The fund’s portfolio swelled by 17.2 percent to 1.49 billion pounds in the half year period. cheap celine handbags

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